The majority of people considering an divorce by law or divorce in North Carolina have no intention of dragging the process on for months or years. A divorce that is uncontested is a divorce in which the spouse and you are in agreement on all matters like custody, alimony, support, and distribution of property.

If you can agree to these matters prior to time and signing the legally binding separation and divorce agreement to avoid long-running negotiations, high legal fees and unnecessary court fights.

The benefits of an uncontested Divorce

If both of you both agree that fighting about support or property is not the direction you’d like to pursue in the divorce process You are making the decision for ending your marriage on a professional note and with a positive tone.

In the case of children it is all the more crucial to end your separation in a respectful and peaceful manner. Your children will be able to observe the way both of you behave and may mirror your behaviour later on in life whether it is subconscious or not. A divorce that is uncontested is the most beneficial present you can offer them in the case in which you’re unable to remain married couples.

Here are some additional benefits of an uncontested divorce

  • You have greater power in the operation
  • Significantly less costly than a divorce that is contested
  • Uncontested divorces could be completed within a couple of weeks, perhaps even one or two months in contrast to months of legal fights
  • There is less stress on you because you are aware of the final result will be.
  • After the process, you will be able to sign the benefit of a legally binding agreement which will safeguard you should your relationship does not improve.

How to pursue an uncontested Divorce

The fact that a divorce isn’t contested does not suggest that it’s going to be simple or won’t be involving all the other complications that a typical divorce will involve. A typical divorce that is uncontested is one in which both spouses are aware that it will cost them more money to settle divorce than either would like to pay.

Although an uncontested divorce is likely to be simpler and less costly than a traditional divorce this doesn’t mean that clients can walk to a lawyer’s office, speak to the lawyer for about an hour to discuss what happened and then return in a few weeks in order to get”divorce papers” “divorce paperwork”. However, even if there is a divorce that is uncontested it is still necessary for the client do their homework before the deadline.

To pursue an unsuspecting divorce you’ll be required to perform a amount of research prior to the date of your divorce to make sure that the procedure is beneficial for both you along with your spouse.

If you have the answer to these questions, the uncontested divorce might be the best option for you:

  • Do you know the marital assets and financial assets built up through your union?
  • Have you and your spouse reached a deal on how you’ll divide your property?
  • Do you rely on financial support from your partner?
  • (If you can answer yes to the questions above) Do you know the total earnings earned by your spouse?
  • You and your spouse are on the same page on the amount and length of alimony to be paid?
  • Are you a parent?
  • Do you live with children? Have you signed up to a schedule for custody that is suitable for yourself and your partner as well as the children?
  • Have you and your spouse reached a deal regarding how you will divide the costs associated with the children, or the amount to be to be paid in child support?
  • You and your spouse are on good about the same issues?
  • Do you feel at ease working out a legal separation agreement with your partner?

Finally, there should not have been a pattern of physical or mental violence in your relationship.

It is the Uncontested Divorce Process

The first thing to understand is this: an uncontested divorce is not the most appropriate term to describe this kind of procedure. When we talk about divorce in North Carolina, we are actually speaking of an uncontested separation contract. Nearly every divorce that occurs in North Carolina is uncontested, since it’s just a formality once all others have been addressed as well as you and your partner are separated for a period of one year.

Here’s a quick summary of the process when you choose the law office of our firm to assist you.

  1. Contact our office to inform us that you would like to prepare your own uncontested separation agreements. We’ll schedule an initial review to make sure you that it’s the correct process for you . Also, we will ensure that you’ve worked all the points that need to be resolved.
  2. We will sit down with you to discuss your objectives and the proposed agreement. A lawyer will ask specific questions regarding the things you’re trying to achieve and will ensure that we are able to assist you. After the meeting, we’ll talk about the costs. Based on how thorough the separation agreement you signed, the price will range between $1,250 and $2,500.
  3. Once you’ve signed with our company, we’ll begin to work on your contract. In some situations there may be additional details from you. In most cases, we can have the initial draft of your agreement in the two (2) two (2) weeks.
  4. We will provide the initial agreement to you through an online secure client portal. You are able to review and make comments on the contract.
  5. Through the entire process you will have access to unlimited email and phone access to discuss your concerns and to review the terms of your agreement.
  6. After the agreement has been completed, we will be responsible for the sending of a copy to your spouse or attorney for their review. In the majority of uncontested cases the clients will share the drafts of their agreements with their spouses, so that there’s no confusion as to what the agreement entails.
  7. Your spouse and you will have to sign the agreement before an official notary.
  8. You’ll split in the event that you don’t have already done so. After one year from the date you separated, we’ll help you submit a petition for an absolute divorce.