You’ll be hard-pressed to locate a legal professional who does not charge a fee to have an initial consultation with a divorce lawyer or an initial divorce assessment, as we refer to it. There’s a good reason behind this – first If we didn’t charge for this consultation, our time were occupied with many potential clients who are seeking free legal assistance, however, they have no intention of hiring an attorney. A second reason is that a lot of spouses visit any lawyer they could find in order to “conflict out” any lawyer that their spouse is planning to meet with.

In other words, the majority of family law lawyers will charge for a first meeting, however the price of the meeting will differ and so will the amount of duration that a representative from the law firm will have together with the client (it’s never a legal professional you talk to).

Lawyers, divorce lawyers specifically, typically charge either way. They may charge either an hourly fee or a flat cost. In the Hart Law Firm, we have always been able to charge a flat fee to conduct our initial divorce evaluation. We charge this because we know that you arrive to us feeling anxious and unsure about the procedure. We don’t would like to do is cause you to be even more anxious by telling you that if you pose “one additional question” that it could cost you a significant amount of money. We have observed over time that our clients feel more relaxed and are able to openly discuss their concerns and concerns when they know what the test will cost upfront.

At times there are phone calls from people amazed that lawyers are willing to make a charge to get an initial evaluation. This, frankly is quite a shock. What was the last time that you visited your doctor to take an hour to address all your questions and provided that time at no cost? It’s not a common thing.

In the last week, I visited my doctor, sat down an PA for approximately 5 minutes, and I was charged $138. If you look at the bill in this way that paying a few hundred dollars to meet with a divorce attorney for an hour on complicated issues that will affect how you live for 10 to 15 years is an affordable price.

We at The Hart Law Firm, we consider that the initial divorce evaluation is one of the most important discussions you’ll hold with your lawyer. In the initial meeting, your lawyer will take note of the details of your situation, talk about the legal issues relevant to you, and brainstorm with you on the best ways to accomplish your objectives. We’ll offer practical and legal advice. The main purpose of these sessions is to inform and educate our clients on the divorce process to ensure that you are able to make the best decision for your particular situation. We understand that family law isn’t an all-encompassing kind of practice. The initial divorce assessment will give you an opportunity to understand your situation and decide if our firm is a good choice for you.

We will also be sure to describe the next steps of the process , and offer you a cost estimate to move forward in the process.

“I Know What I’m Needing to do, so why don’t I just get an Estimate Over the Phone?”

If I could have a dime each time I heard someone say this…

It may appear to be obvious to you the information you’ll need however divorce cases are extremely particular in nature and it’s likely that there are possibilities that you don’t be aware of until you’ve met with an attorney.

We’ve learned from our thirteen years of expertise that our divorce analysis gives the greatest value for the client as it provides us with all the data that we require to give you the right advice and to determine whether we could even assist you with your particular situation. (FYI there is no guarantee that every prospective client will require a lawyer however the best way of finding that out is to conduct an initial assessment of divorce).

If we offered you advice on the phone without having all the details of your situation We are not just creating a risk for you to fail and the office itself to legal liability. This is why be wary of law firms willing to provide advice on the phone. There is a chance that you’re not even talking with an attorney. Even even if you do you are, your attorney ought to be aware of the situation.

Legal assistants, paralegals receptionists, paralegals and other employees who are not lawyers aren’t allowed to provide the legal counsel. They haven’t been to law school, and they haven’t passed a bar exam and, while their intentions might be good however, it is likely that their suggestions can lead you into a trap that isn’t obvious which could cost you a significant amount of money to escape from.

“But What if I could just Search Google This Information?”

Although it’s true that you will find plenty of valuable information through studies through Google or other websites, Google doesn’t know the details of your case (yet) and it’s impossible to replace counsel from a lawyer in person with the information you can find on the internet.

The information you can find online is generally general and not relevant to the issues taking place in your particular case. The state of North Carolina, we have family law laws which were enacted by the state government. The laws differ from those in all other states. Additionally we have what’s called case law, which examines and interprets these laws in accordance with a particular real-world circumstance.

As lawyers, we’re trained to analyze the details of your case and then apply your facts and circumstances to law and statutes as they currently are written. Google cannot do that.

In addition, should you find yourself in an in-courtroom, I’m certain Google will not be there to present your case to you.

“But If I Don’t Hire You, Won’t I Be Wasting My Money?”

We fully know how stressful it can be to pay hundreds of dollars for one initial divorce assessment and then decide not to pursue the divorce. Our experience has shown us that a majority of clients report an initial assessment of their divorce among the most beneficial meetings they’ve had with lawyers.

In addition, we’re often informed that the information we give and the time we spend in this meeting is far superior and above anything the prospective client had from any other lawyer they’ve had the pleasure of meeting with.

At the beginning of the assessment during the initial assessment, we will provide you with legal advice relevant to your particular situation. Additionally, we’ll assist you to develop a plan and a roadmap to ensure the best result in your case. We may also give you legal advice or options that you didn’t think of as possible.

Our aim is to make the initial evaluation an extremely beneficial experience even if you do not engage us immediately. Our goal is to help you walk out with the knowledge and tools that can assist you in putting the mind at rest and help you understand which next step for your case are.

The first consultation fee is $350.00 flat fee. The assessment can be conducted in our office, in person or over the phone or by Zoom. We often represent clients living in other states and even overseas. If you think we’re not the right fit for you, we’re able to give you a list potential referral sources who might be able to assist you.

If you’re planning to leave your home, relocate your children out of your home to another state or city, take money from your accounts or make any other steps that are important We strongly suggest that you speak with an attorney for divorce. This is possibly the most crucial meeting you’ll ever meet with. The decisions you make today can have a lasting impact on your case. In the field of family law, the case you decide to make is an important part of your future. Contact us today to arrange a complimentary divorce evaluation with an attorney. Get all the details you require to make crucial decision about the next stage in your lives.

Update as of September 2018, we’ve provided the option of two choices to get your initial divorce evaluation. You can choose to pay $250 for a single hour of consultation or pay $350 to sit with us for at any time you need to be able to answer all your concerns.