I’m sorry if you’ve previously heard of this. With a lot of divorce lawyers If you’re willing to go ahead, you’ll arrange for the initial consultation. In that consultation the lawyer will ask you numerous legal questions regarding your situation. After the meeting, they’ll advise you that in order in order to continue the procedure, you’ll have pay them a retainer be able to pay them a significant retainer.

In this moment, you aren’t sure what the plan is or what the lawyer is planning to do in relation to your case. Maybe they’ve told you they’ll help you prepare a lawsuit or an agreement to separate. However, that’s the only thing you know.

Now, fast forward a few months, and a suit has already been filed or an agreement has been made (partially) and you’re still not closer to solving your issue than you did when you first started working with the attorney.

Do I have a clear understanding to you?

There is a Better Way

At The Hart Law Firm, P.A. we have created a structured method to guide your divorce case from beginning to the end each step at one time. The central focus of the process is you, our client, as well as your goals prioritizing, concerns, and priorities It all begins with our five-step divorce strategy procedure.

This method is designed to get you through your divorce process as fast and as cost-effectively as you can. This isn’t a blunder. We have learned from our experience that our most satisfied clients are those who get their cases completed swiftly and without spending all their savings.

Our Proven 5 Step Divorce Process

After the initial evaluation After that, we will speak with you in more detail about the process we follow and the way it operates. Here’s a brief overview of our five step divorce procedure:

  1. Initial Assessment
  2. Strategy Session
  3. Implementation
  4. Reassess and Review
  5. Settlement

The majority of cases will occur in stages 2 to 4. Develop a strategy. Implement. Reassess. We continuously tweak and re-evaluate your case in order to move towards settlement. In the process we’ll take out the issues the spouse and you are able to be able to agree upon until we come to the final settlement agreement.

Initial Assessment

This is your first time you meet with your office. It’s a chance to share with us everything we should learn about your case and to begin acquainted with our office and the way we function. After the initial consultation with the answers to many of your first questions, and a strategy for how your case will progress and an estimate of what your budget investment would be in having an attorney to guide you through each stage of the legal process.

Strategy Session

When you hire our services to assist you in your legal matter, we’ll provide you with “homework”. It could be an additional questionnaire that you must complete along with an checklist of documents for financial purposes to collect. It will assign an office paralegal to assist you in collecting and organizing all the required information. Once you’ve completed this initial task, we will have a strategy meeting for the first session. In this meeting, we will aid in the creation of the initial plan of action to address your issue.


This is where the rubber meets road. At the time of implementation we’ll begin the process of interacting with your spouse, or their lawyer by the preliminary settlement offer and/or an initial separation plan. If you’ve engaged us to settle your case we will start by filing and serving an initial lawsuit as well as set up hearings for a short period.

Reassess and Review

When we reach out to your spouse after we have spoken to them, there is a period of waiting while they seek out a lawyer to make an answer to our request or respond in a timely manner to our suit. After we have received their response, we’ll determine what we should do the next step. In this phase we will have a meeting (over over the telephone or in person) to discuss the situation and then decide how to move forward.


When we get to the stage of settlement your case will be done. Even though we’ve reached a settlement doesn’t mean that there’s nothing more to be completed. In this phase, we’ll discuss and draft an agreement document that is final. These could include a court order or a final separation contract or both. You might need to let us prepare an agreement to split retirement funds (which is an independent task). Other assets could require transfer (such as homes and vehicles) and mortgages might have being refinanced or might require the sale of a house.

The truth is that settling an agreement is only the beginning of the process to finalize your divorce. This may take many months. However, we’ll be there with you throughout the way to ensure all is taken care of.

Absolute Divorce… The Final Step

After your case is completed, the assets split and financial accounts rearranged The last next step will be to get an Absolute divorce. This is a simple problem that we are able to help you through after everything else is settled. Only a Judge or Clerk of Court is able to allow you to divorce, meaning you’ll need to make a claim to get the divorce judgment.