The payment of the alimony payment In North Carolina is governed by the law and case law. Since North Carolina follows the partnership theory of marriage and the requirement to provide alimony founded on the assumption that both spouses are under the responsibility of supporting one another financially during the course of their marriage. Alimony, also known as spousal support is the expansion of the obligation following divorce.

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Different terms for Alimony

Alimony is a broad term used to describe the arrangement for the payment of the cost of maintenance and support to the spouse or former spouse. Alimony is paid out by periodic installments or as one lump sum, and could be paid for the duration of a specific period or an indefinite time. Spousal support is the same as the alimony.

Post-separation support is spousal assistance which is payable after the divorced parties have been separated until the later or all of the following: 1)) The date stated in the post-separation order support; or 2) the announcement of an order awarding or refusing alimony;) The rejection of an alimony claim 4.) An entry in an order on Absolute divorce when no claim for an alimony claim is pending at the date of entering the judgment of absolute divorce or five) the dependent spouse marries or is cohabiting, or the spouse of the payor or the the dependent spouse passes away.

What time will Alimony paid In North Carolina?

To determine by a court the amount of alimony awarded is appropriate, a double analysis has to be conducted. First, the court has to find out in the first instance the existence of a spouse who is dependent as well as the spouse who supports them. The court will then consider the statutory requirements to determine if an award of alimony will be fair after taking into account all relevant aspects.

This is only a quick outline of alimony that is available in North Carolina. To gain a deeper understanding of the concept of alimony and the way it works read the Comprehensive Guide on Alimony for NC .