You’re anxious, scared nervous, anxious, and, generally speaking uncertain of what you can anticipate. You’ve never worked with a lawyer in the past or even an attorney for divorce. divorce attorney.

The first tip is to take a moment to calm down. Take some deep breaths.

This will be fine.

How to Prepare for Your Initial Consultation

The first thing to do is. There is no need to think that everyone who goes to a consultation (or an Divorce assessment or a Divorce Assessment, as we prefer to refer to them) requires an attorney to provide full-service representation. Lawyers can handle a variety of different tasks for you, from advising clients on how to proceed (so you can complete the task yourself) or drafting easy documents as well as helping you create an effective plan of action along with numerous other things.

When you are scheduled to your initial consultation It is crucial to be prepared. Our clients aren’t required to collect all their financial records and bring them with them to the initial consultation however, a brief overview of your financial situation and owe as well as your current expenses and income can be very beneficial. If there is a lawsuit filed and you are required to bring a copy of the court papers you received. If you’ve received a draft contract from a different lawyer, take a copy of that documents too.

Also, perhaps you’ve begun to create a an outline of what you’d like to do in divorce. Do you wish to keep the home? What type of timetable do you want to have with your kids? Are you in need of support (or would you be willing to provide it)? These are the kinds of issues your lawyer must be aware of.

Meeting Your Divorce Lawyer for the First Time

Perhaps, you’ve conducted at the very least a bit of research about the lawyer you’re looking to employ. The majority of legal professionals (in North Carolina at least) Triangle Region of North Carolina at a minimum) will charge you for an initial consultation. the fees can range from $200 to $500 or more. Some lawyers bill per hour and some will offer an hourly rate, while others charge a flat fee for the consultation. In the Hart Law Firm, we currently offer $250 for the initial hour, which is usually enough time for us to address all your questions and to determine whether we are an appropriate fit together.

It is recommended that you attend the initial meeting with an agenda of questions you want you want to inquire about your attorney. You want to know whether the lawyer is concerned about you and the issues you’re experiencing. Are they able to provide the appropriate level of expertise for what you’re looking for and do they display a manner of conduct that is in line with your character?

The questions you’ll consider asking are:

  • What do you know about the nature of your lawful background?
  • How many years have you been practicing family law??
  • Do you have a family law case? How many do your handle each year?
  • What proportion from your business is dedicated exclusively to the family?
  • Do you want to be the attorney in charge of the case?
  • What will my divorce cost me?

Additionally, you must discuss your objectives to your attorney and ask whether they are achievable or not. A good lawyer can help you evaluate your goals and help you identify things you might not have considered. If they do not think your goals are feasible You can ask them why.

Deciding to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

If you believe that you’re in good contact between you and the lawyer it is recommended to inquire about their fees as well as the process for hiring the firm. The lawyer should have a written agreement which outlines all the charges that are involved in the case. If not, you should seek out a different attorney. Inquire about the fees that they charge initially and what the typical fee will be for a case similar to yours, as the cost could be quite shocking.

It is also important to inquire whether the lawyer bills on an per hour or on a flat basis. Flat fees mean that the lawyer usually bills for a particular, distinct job (such as an appearance in court, or filing for an Absolute divorce). Lawyers with hourly fees track their time in preparing documents, appear in meetings, court appearances or meetings, for example.

Setting Expectations on Communication

In The Hart Law Firm, communication with clients is crucial. We utilize a variety of tools that keep clients informed of what’s happening in their case throughout every step in the procedure. We also offer online scheduling tools that you are able to use to arrange time to talk or consult with an attorney at time that is convenient for you. Additionally, we have hired a professional legal assistant who’s ready to speak with you about your case throughout normal office hours. All clients will be provided with her number for direct contact.

A word of caution: as lawyers, we’re more than willing to speak with you regarding your case. If you’re looking for support with your emotional needs we strongly suggest that hiring an one of these psychotherapists we suggest. They’re less costly and are highly skilled in the work they perform!

Developing a Legal Strategy for Your Case

One of the things that set The Hart Law Firm apart from other attorneys is that we are proactive and consistently develop a custom legal plan for each client we represent. Divorce isn’t a standard area of law every case and client is unique. What is effective for one client won’t work for another. Some clients may need the services of a lawyer while another might require an out-of court settlement to accomplish their goals.

After the initial evaluation the team will begin to think of legal strategies that we’ll then apply in the next meeting we hold with our clients. It is called”the “strategy meeting”!