You’re anxious, scared and uncertain of what’s next. The first question that you’re thinking about is whether you actually require an North Carolina Divorce Lawyer or not? This is a question that I receive from nearly every prospective client who contacts us or passes into our door. This is my take on it.

In the beginning, if you’re trying to determine whether you require an attorney all on your own then you might be a victim of the “silly advertisements” that bombards you on a every day. The majority of attorneys will not aid you because they all send out the same advertisements. The best advice I can give is to take the time to conduct your own research. And before you begin discussions with your spouse, or employ an attorney who specializes in family law ensure that you seek out their books and sources to help you. You can download our latest publication, “Next Steps” by clicking here.

In certain situations it is possible to reach a settlement for the family law issue by yourself. There are two factors are required in order for this to be possible. The second is that you are in an extremely shorter marriage. The less time you spend together is, the less likely to require support for your spouse or be required to pay support for your spouse. In addition, you should not be the owner of any real estate, or possess other assets that are significant which need division. Large assets typically complicate a case. Thirdly, you should not have children. When you have children, there are child support and custody agreements. You shouldn’t attempt to resolve any of these without the help of an attorney. In addition, the divorce has to be a collaborative decision between you and your spouse and you should be on an the same level in negotiating.

The more complex your case is, the more likely is that an North Carolina Divorce Lawyer will be able to provide value to you. What I am referring to is that you will be able benefit financially from the outcome of the process than you will pay for legal costs. If there are children in your home, have a house, have significant savings for retirement, own one of your own businesses, or were married for a long period of time, it will be wise to find an attorney for divorce who can help you through the divorce process.

The final word is – it’s not necessary to require an Divorce lawyer to take care of your case. If you’re in small cases and aren’t sure of what you should do, we’re willing to talk with you about an initial evaluation to help you navigate the process, if that’s the only thing you require.