If you’re considering divorce, many people assume that they’ll require an attorney, and others would prefer the assistance of counselors. Did you know that there’s also a professional, known as an accredited divorce counselor who can assist you in the divorce process?

A divorce coach isn’t a therapist or lawyer They are specially trained professionals who can guide to help you navigate the process of divorce, help you understand the systemand help your divorce through with greater certainty and understanding of the changes set to occur within your personal life.

What is a Divorce Coach?

An experienced divorce counsellor will concentrate on your future plans and assist you in establishing an outline of how you’d like to reach your goals. For clarity, as lawyers, we’re not the divorce coaches. The divorce coach can’t be your lawyer . They can’t provide you with legal advice, write the legal paperwork, and advocate for you in the court.

Here are some things that divorce coaches will assist you with:

  • deciding whether or not to stay or leave the union
  • The process of preparing for divorce (yes it is a good way to go)
  • Knowing the system you’re about to enter
  • Determining which method is most suitable for your family and you (i.e. divorce mediation, litigation, or collaborative divorce)
  • Helping you locate and employ the best divorce lawyer
  • Assist you in creating a divorce team , and help you build a help network
  • You can save time and money in your divorce
  • Choose the most what you want to accomplish in your divorce
  • We can help you prepare for mediation or court
  • Keep your divorce proceedings on the correct path and moving forward

What are the benefits of using the services of a coach for divorce?

Lawyers are educated to represent your interests and negotiate the best settlement for your case. If your case has to be heard in the court, we have been trained in the Civil Procedure and Evidence, so that you can present the best case possible.

However, there are plenty different things that a divorce attorney is not trained in, like aiding you in handling the emotional issues associated with divorce and helping you organize prior to when you meet with an attorney.

A divorce coach has been specially trained to assist you in keeping your main goals in mind regardless of whether it seems that your divorce is going off course or your emotions get the best of you.

What is the best way to find a divorce coach?

Every divorce counselor is going to have a different approach. It is possible to interview many before you choose one that’s a good match for your particular situation. If you’ve already engaged a divorce lawyer and you are considering hiring one, inquire if they have an expert they would recommend. If you’re still considering the options available, then you might consider speaking with your pastor, therapist or a trusted acquaintance who has gone through divorce and who you confide in.

If none of these options work then you can conduct the search on Google to find “divorce coach” in your city. It is likely that you will find an array of life coaches, therapists as well as law firms. Create a list of 3 to 5 names and then call each one of them a call. Depending on the person you speak to and how fast they return your call you may be able to schedule an additional meeting and proceed from there.

You can also go to the Certified Divorce Coach Website to locate a coach in your region.

There isn’t a way to know the right or wrong approach to choosing the right divorce coach. It is just a matter of finding someone you enjoy and you can trust to help you through this journey.